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The Benefits of Using a Wooden Beard Comb

Here are the straight facts and benefits of our Wooden Comb.

  • Wooden combs tend to be softer on the hair and scalp in comparison to say, a metal and plastic comb.

  • Wood combs generally do not generate static which can totally kill your beard care regime.

  • Wood works well with oil, in the sense that when you are combing your beard out that you've just applied our Signature Beard Oil to. The comb helps to distribute the oil evenly over your beard.

  • Besides looking handsome, grooming your hair daily may enhance the circulation in your beard and may even help promote hair growth.

So in wrapping up, wood combs, like ours at brownskinbeard make the cut every time for all of your beard care grooming needs.

To Handcrafted Oils & Handmade Combs,

Michael & Felix

The Brown Skin Beard Brothers

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