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The Benefits of Castor Oil

Here are the straight hard facts and benefits of our Castor Oil.

  • Castor oil is rich in ricin oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat

  • This type of fat can be used to Moisturize the Skin.

  • Ricin oleic acid, the main fatty acid found in our Castor Oil, has impressive anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Keeps beard hair healthy by lubricating the hair shaft, increasing flexibility, and decreasing the chance of breakage.

  • May help reduce flaking in the beard, soothe irritated skin, while providing intense moisture to your beard (and scalp)

The long and short of it is this.. In our specific Original Blend of Beard Oil, we use top shelf Castor Oil to make sure your not lacking on any of these listed benefits for your beard. Some testimonials coming in also report extreme hair benefits to the scalp as well... Although we recommend our blend specifically for your beard.

Stay Handsome

Michael & Felix

The Brown Skin Beard Brothers

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